Monday, August 27, 2012

Bloomington over Danville

I must admit that I did not see or hear any of this game to kick off the Big 12 football season. However, from the Pantagraph's recap, I conclude that no one in attendance at Ned Whitesell Field asked for his money back. The Raiders of BHS won in thrilling fashion with a two point conversion in the final minutes to take a one point lead that they narrowly held with time expiring. My question to coworkers this morning was, would you go for two in that situation. Head coach Rigo Schmelzer boldly and, I am sure, confidently went for the win instead of risking overtime on the road against a good team. I probably would have gone for the tie and lost in overtime. Hence my position as a writer on a blog with no readers and his position as long-time head football coach. So what would you do on the road against the Vikings when you are down by one point?

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