Friday, January 22, 2010

Bizzaro Rush Hour

Here is some rare financial advice, go buy some Starbury stock.   There are some shoes 'bout to be sold.  The man himself is headed to China. 

Apparently, due to it's strict Internet policies, China must have missed the 24-hour Marbury breakdown.

Steph signed with the Chinese team Shanxi Club, a team that last year had Bonzi Wells.  A spokesman from Shanxi said that they hoped that Marbury - "would help the team become a dynasty".

I am pumped.  Is there anyway we could get a TV crew over there and film all the great interactions that Starbury has with Chinese people.  It would be the greatest reality show ever.  I wouldn't miss an episode.
This is a bigger fish out of water story than Babe II: Pig in the Big City.
Maybe a better movie comparison would be Bizzaro Rush Hour.  Where instead of a Chinese man coming to America teaming up with a black guy and fighting crime, a black guy goes to China and teams up with some Chinese guys and commits crimes against the sport of basketball and child labor laws.

Another important step in USA-China relations.

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