Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slammin' Sam on Sports Media Links

Things are getting dicey here at Slammin’ Sam on Sports Media today!

First, forget being weary. Teams ranked No. 1 in college basketball are not looking so hot atop the hoops’ landscape. Villanova, watch out. Opportunity is at the door, thanks to your fine play. If the Wildcats sit in the prime position next, they better be wary.

Meanwhile, Lexington’s paper on the scene examines the regrouping process for the other Cats and the nation’s prior No. 1 team.

Now that the golf scene starring Tiger Woods is on hold, Phil Mickelson is the sport’s brightest star. What will Lefty do under the beams?

Speaking of golf, blogging hub Technorati bestowed a Top 100 golf badge on Free Keon. Many thanks to FK’s Steve in particular for his faithful posts on this beat. By the way, if you want to see more golf coverage or anything else on the site, let us know.

I digress. Carrying on with golf, LA Times columnist Bill Dwyre wrote a links piece on whom else, but John Wooden? Reading about the “Wizard of Westwood” never gets old.

Finally, our Olympics link update puts IOC President Jacques Rogge on the spot. Wouldn’t want to be in his spot, either.

Thanks for spending part of your Thursday at Free Keon!

Sam Miller/Free Keon


  1. Holy Crap... we made a top 100 list... and we're in the top 50!


    Maybe it is because of all the insightful comments I make :)

    Seriously, how did this happen :)

  2. How did you find this rankings site? And how did they find FK?

  3. I think they found it the same way that I find it, by repeatedly googling "this week in golf".

    It's really kind of exciting.


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