Friday, February 5, 2010

Golf: This Week in

Due to the growing popularity of golf blogs on FreeKeon, as evidenced by Slammin Sam’s statistical report showing FreeKeon in the top 50 of golf blogs (across the entire world I assume), I thought it was time that the weekly snore-fest that is “This Week in Golf” had a little competition. As a result I would like to present to you the first of my weekly (when I remember) installments of “Golf: This Week in” which will feature exclusive coverage of the U.S. Pro Mini Golf Tour.

In the spirit of min-golf all of my posts will be much shorter than “This Week in Golf” and they will all be a lot more fun. First off let’s establish something -- Mini-Golf is a real sport. I know you're imagining windmills, Abe Lincoln, and waterfalls with artificially colored water, but that’s only 75% of this magnificent competition. The other 25% is cash baby…. PURE CASH! We’re talking about big money amounts here -- $8,000 for the Mini-Golf master’s, $7,000 for the mini-golf U.S. Open and so on.

So all I can say is hold on to your multicolored balls and get ready for some GOLF – mini style!

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  1. Do most of the players wear golf gloves while playing every hole or just on the longer holes, such as a 20 yd dogleg?


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