Sunday, February 28, 2010

Illini Player Ratings: Vs. Minnesota

Eff this game.  That was not okay, you can't score 14 points in a half.  Maybe this post will be a part of the healing process for me.  Or maybe it will just remind me how pissed off I am. 

Mike Davis: 5
Davis had a pretty standard game with 10 points and 12 boards.  Did not shoot the ball well, but no one did.  He also picked up an unexplained double technical with Minnesota's Joseph.  You know it is a soft T if Davis is involved.
He left his man and allowed a free dunk with 30 seconds to play.  Of course expecting Davis to not have defensive mental breakdowns is like expecting Sean Harrington to come to the game with ruffled hair. 

Demitri McCamey: 3
The Illini just cannot win with McCamey going 4-18 from the field.  It is not going to happen.  McCamey did do some good things in the game, including his 10 assists and a clutch 3-pointer.  

The downfall of the Illini was his decision making down the stretch.  He almost turned the ball over on a pass to Davis that eventually was swung to DJ for the shot that cut the lead to 59-58.  Then on the very next possession he makes the exact same drive to the other side of the lane and had his pass to Davis intercepted. Everyone on Minnesota was playing the pass and he needed to shoot it.

He missed a 3 with the Illini down 61-58 and 30 seconds to play.  I can't begrudge him the shot because he got a good look, even though it was a quick shot, he just needed to hit it.

The decision that I found completely unacceptable was D-Mac fouling Ralph Sampson with 10 seconds left after Tisdale's lay-up cut the lead to 62-60.  It was his 5th foul and he needed to let someone else make that foul.  It forced Jeff Jordan to bring the ball up in the final possession for the Illini, not having Demetri on the floor killed any chance the Illini had.

Mike Tisdale: 3
Rough game for Tiszy.  He did have some big rebounds and a nice basket late, but it was not the kind of performance that he is capable of.  Mike had some big games here and there, but sometimes he seems content with not being a major part of the offense.

DJ Richardson: 4
Was a member of the 'too little too late' crew for the Illini.  You cannot tank it for 36 minutes and then turn it on for 6 and expect to have a good outcome.  
On the plus side, DJ hit two monster treys during clutch time, and has shown the ability this season to hit the big shot for the Illini (including the game-winner @Indiana).  

This has to bode well for the future of the team.  I remember a time not to long ago when the Illini's late game options involved playing hot potato with the ball until Chet Frazier took a horrible shot.

William Cole: 7
Clearly the player of the game for the Illini.  His shooting got the Illini back into the game and allowed for the kick-in-the-nuts ending.  The crowd chanting 'Billy Cole' after he fouled out was a nice moment.

Brandon Paul: 4
Another weird game for Paul.  He only hit one of his six (waaay too many) threes, but it was a clutch shot.  
Brandon did manage to grab 9 boards(4 offensive).  He has shown the ability to hit the glass at times.  

Jeff Jordan: 3
Pops was in the stands, which is always a thrill.  I'll use this section to complain about the officiating.  There was a stretch from the 7:00 mark of the second half to the 30 second mark, where Minnesota stopped playing basketball and only scored off of bad touch fouls with the Illini in the bonus.  

First D-mac tied up the Minnesota player and they called a foul (2 pts for Minn), then they got DJ on a touch foul that you could call on Chris Kramer every second he is on the floor (2 more pts).  Next they call Jeff for a foul in the backcourt that was simply not a foul (2 pts), and then to cap it off they get Cole on a clean block from behind (2 pts).  
All together that was 8 points, the only points that Minnesota scored in that stretch were a gift from the officials.

Looking forward, the Illini have 2 games (@ OSU, and home against Wis) left in the regular season, then the Big Ten tournament.  The loss puts them in a bad spot with regards to the NCAA's, but they still have a good shot.  
If they win 3 games or more (either 2 in the tourney and split Wisky and OSU, or win the last two games and one or more in the tourney) then they will be in pretty good shape.
If they win just 2 games, they are at the mercy of the selection committee.  Anything could happen.
If they win just 1 game, they can forget about getting in.
At least that's how I see it.


  1. Completely agree with you on the player rankings and the overall feel of the game, I honestly have not been that frustrated after an Illini basketball game in years.

    I do, however, think we’ve got a very good shot at making the tourney if we win 1 of our next 2 games. There are SO MANY mediocre bubble teams right now and very few have our caliber of wins (@Clemson, Vanderbilt, @Wisconsin, Michigan St.) and almost all have at least a few embarrassing losses. Plus I really cannot see an 11-7 Big Ten team not making the dance.

  2. I think the Keon staff should also rate EA's dances on Dancing with the Stars!!!


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