Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Illini Player Ratings: @ Michigan

Let's start this thing.

Mike Davis: 6
Grabbed 12 boards in a game where if you stood around the basket for two minutes 7 rebounds would hit you in the face.  Both teams will be writing ESPN an apology letter today.

Davis took advantage of Michigan's lack of offensive rebounding and cherry-picked himself a couple dunks.  I hope he realizes that he can't do that against teams with actual post players.

Demetri McCamey: 7
One of the only players in the game that actually shot the ball well.    Might have had more than 4 assists if his teammates were hitting their shots.
As much of a downer as the game was, his alley-oop to Davis that clinched the game was pretty sweet.

Even with that play, the highlight of the night for D-Mac was being named to Steve Lavin's All-Big Ten team alongside Chris Kramer, Chris Kramer, Chris Kramer, and Chris Kramer's punchable face.

Mike Tisdale: 5
Only took 7 shots.  I would have liked Mike to be more assertive against a team that started 4 guards and a 6'8 player.
At least he played good defense against DeShawn Sims and held him to 3-12 shooting.

DJ Richardson: 4
Played solid D but wasn't hitting his shot.  So basically he played like everyone else on the team.

William Cole: 3
I don't have much to say about how Bill played.  I don't really remember him doing anything other than miss a few shots.

Brandon Paul: 5
Was active in his 15 minutes of pt.  Is the ultimate feast or famine player.  He is either dunking on  somebody
or dribbling the ball off of his foot.  You always know when Brandon is in the game.

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