Sunday, March 21, 2010

Favorite Moments in NCAA

What was your favorite moment(s) during the first week of action in the NCAA tournament? Biggest upset? Biggest surprise? Biggest disappointment? Feel free to discuss.

I must admit, I have not seen as much basketball as I would have liked to. I missed everything from what looked like must have been an awesome opening day. However, I did see a lot of the next three days. So from what I saw...

Best final minute - Michigan State over Maryland. Both teams made clutch shots and no mistakes in the last sixty seconds. Then Korie Lucious' three at the buzzer was incredible to beat a solid team that owned the momentum in second half.

Biggest surprise - Northern Iowa over Kansas. I am a Missouri Valley fan, and even though I picked Kansas to win the championship, I was rooting for the ugly, white, farm boys and foreigners. I never expected it to happen, though. Even as the Panthers held their lead into the second half, I thought for sure Kansas would made a strong, extended run to win comfortably.

Biggest disappointment - Louisville. After defeating Syracuse twice during the regular season, I really wanted to see Pitino give the Dukies at least a scare in the second round. Instead, Louisville doesn't put up a fight against Cal, and Duke goes on to easily cruise into the Sweet Sixteen.

My current favorite for Cinderella of this year's dance - Northern Iowa. Way to represent the MVC! Cornell's Ivy League snobs (actually, I have never even seen them play, so I don't really know) will take this title if they can get past Kentucky. However, I believe Northern Iowa stands a better chance to beat a Lucas-less Spartan team.

Readers who know more about basketball and/or saw Thursday's action please chime in.

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