Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Illini Player Ratings: Vs. Wisconsin

Mike Davis:  3
Now can we all agree that the "real" Mike Davis is just bad.  He has officially regressed from last season.

Davis shot 53% from the field and 68% from the line and 11.3 pts last season.  This year he is shooting 46% from the field, 6% in important clutch situations (I made that up but it's how I feel) and 60% from the line, along with 10.3 pts.
As Stacie King would say, 'Get in the weight room!'
Jon Leuer made him look like a fool.

Demitri McCamey: 2
Loren Tate wrote that D-mac is reminiscent of Frank Williams.  He is right in the sense that there are peaks and valleys with both players.
 It is difficult to define McCamey's season right now, (maybe I'll right about it once the season is over) but one
thing is clear; he has been the Illini's best player this season, and that has not always been a good thing.

D-mac had a pretty standard game on Sunday, with 11 pts and 4 dimes, but his meltdown with the intentional foul and blow-up with Bruce is obviously unacceptable.
Maybe what separates McCamey from being a great player is his mental make-up.  There have been times where he has killed the team with his decision making.
His intentional foul was just one of those 'what in the name of perfect hell were you thinking?!?' moments.

Mike Tisdale: 6
Every game it seems more obvious that he needs more shots.  He is shooting 56% from the field this year.  And it's not a James Augustine-type 56%.  The degree of difficulty on his shots is fairly high.

That said, he still needs to grab more rebounds than he did (4) when Wisconsin's 6' foot point guard grabbed 7 offensive boards (11 total).

DJ Richardson: 1
DJ may have hit the infamous  freshman wall.  His last really quality game was the Michigan State win.

DJ is 15 for his last 51 from the field.

William Cole: 7
Along with Tisdale, Leuer and the other Wisconsin players, it was quite a game for white people.

Due to poor games from Travon Hughes and players whose names rhyme with McBlamey, the whites outscored the blacks 70-59.
After the game Bill called it a "moral victory".

Brandon Paul: 3
It was a rough shooting night for Brandon, going 1-7.  He did give the Illini some energy off the bench

Dom Keller: 0
I wonder when this years Seniors to Remember DVD goes on sale.
I hope it's in time for fathers day.

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