Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mike Miller Hair update

I wrote back in October about my concerns with Mike Miller and the direction his career has taken in terms of his haircut decisions.
The good news is that Mike took my advice (I'm gonna assume that he is a free keon fan) and has gone with the old school clean cut look.

It is just good to see Mike back with the semi-normal look. On behalf of the Kirk Hinrich White Shooting Guard Fan club, welcome back Mikey.
Hopefully the days of looking like Brad Pitts character in 12 Monkeys are over.
I will say that I do approve of the Antwan Jamison one sleeve look.
It allows Mike to show off his awesome shoulder tattoos, and I hope it catches on.

While we're on the subject of awesome under the jersey attire, I'm gonna rank some of them from favorite to least favorite.

1. Baggy t-shirt, I'm talking vintage Mo Ager-style. It is a classic look that skinny white folk can rock and it has a sweet urban feel.
I wear a white t-shirt, white sneakers, a hat, something cool on my wrist a nice piece to match.

2. The one sleeve. it's new and unconventional, but if other ballers pay as much attention to Mike Miller as I do, then it will catch on in no time.

3. The slightly oversize cut-off. Nitty Williams wore it well at the U of I, and it is a uncommon, but always stylish look. It lets the tri-ceps breathe but also provides many of the comforts that the baggy T offers.
Last. The under armor tight shirt. It is a awful look, Jordan Hill was one of the first and now it is especially common in college ball. It just looks awkward to have the tight t-shirt under the jersey. It is probably a result of the college tight-jersey trend (which is awful).

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