Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Final Slammin' Sam Final Four Post

Judging by America’s sports sections, fans aren’t quite ready to switch from college hoops to baseball. We understand. Only three college basketball games remain. Beginning Sunday, there will be beaucoup baseball. Our advice at Slammin’ Sam on Sports Media and Free Keon is to enjoy the Final Four while it lasts. With that in mind, here we go!

First, Indy Star writer Matthew Tully gives readers perspective about Butler’s drive to the Final Four.

Butler’s opponent, Michigan State, features a coach who somehow gets it done again and again, writes Drew Sharp.

While Butler plays for its city, and Izzo represents his home state of Michigan, Duke is in it for each other.

Bob Huggins and West Virginia? They can’t stop thinking about the great party they are going to have after work.

How can you think about March Madness without thinking about Billy Packer? Whether you like him or not, he’s still got plenty to say off the main stage.

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Sam Miller/Free Keon

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