Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slammin' Sam on Sports Media Links

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Plenty of news to keep us chatting today. Let’s start with arguably the No. 1 story in sports right now. The Bulls are once again near the forefront of the sports nation’s consciousness. While the team sewed up the eighth seed last night in Charlotte, the down-to-the-wired drama is only one part of an equation that has Bulls fans seeing red.

Brandon Marshall expressed his irritation about the situation in Denver. Now (finally) he moves on to Miami.

Who knows what got Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stirred up. Maybe that’s his business, not ours.

Tim Tebow’s draft stock may be in question. But for another pro prospect, Butler basketball’s Gordon Hayward, his stock appears to be rising after the Bulldogs star introduced himself in grand fashion.

Finally, we come full circle. Jordan’s Bobcats may have lost last night, but the owner and the city of Charlotte have plenty of reasons to keep an eye on the promising squad.

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Sam Miller/Free Keon

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