Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Mo' Fubar

They're not messin' around anymore. According to an article by the Chicago Tribune,,0,4493435.story there is a ban on specific "troublesome" Champaign bars for the Illini football team. Apparently Rejus and Juice found out what players were going to the banned bars and told Zook about it. "I turned [the names] in to Zook and said, 'Man, we have to do something,'" Benn said. So Arrelious and Isaiah have turned to snitchin'. They seemed so hard.

What I really want to find out is what bars are on the troublesome list. I'm guessing Fubar, where Martez Wilson got stabbed last December, and Jamar Smith was caught drinking and kicked off the bball team, but beyond that I have no idea. Hopefully the Illini Inn hasn't been banned from the players. That would be much too harsh.


  1. I have seen some crazy things at the Illini Inn, including a real weaksauce kid barfing elf piss and pokey sticks out his nose. However, "troublesome" is not an adjective I would ever use to describe KC's fine establishment. Joe's, on the other hand, is "troublesome." I saw that same weaksauce kid complaining about a wet, female nipple skimming across his arm there. Joe's and Gully's have to be on the troublesome list, but certainly not Illini Inn.

  2. yeah that kids sounds really weaksauce

  3. dude, no snitchin', no cryin'. I thought that's what these d.c. and chicago kids were it's clear to see that anyone from champaign is much harder.


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