Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why I want to be Calvin Booth

On the list of greatest jobs in the world, back-up center in the NBA has to be at the top. Calvin Booth is a great example.
In addition to living the sweet NBA life of drinking Bahama Mama's with shortys. He gets paid millions of dollars to sit on the bench.

Last year alone, Booth pulled down $1,319,651 while "playing" for the T-wolves and the Kings. He played a grand total of 56 minutes all season and scored a total of 16 points. In contrast, our President Barack Obama is paid $400,000 per year.

I know, they're both really overpaid. But Barack can't get up and down the court as well as Calvin can these days.

Booth, known to his teammates as the "Assassin", was paid $23,565 per minute played, and $82,478 per point. Good times. His career numbers are a little more realistic. He has made $37,012,342 in his 9 year career, and it comes to $8,267 per minute played, and $31,102 per point for his career.

According to Wikipedia, Booth, a Penn State alum, has a sandwich named after him in State College. I'm guessing it comes with a whole lot'a bread and not much meat.

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