Saturday, July 25, 2009

What people will do for money!?!?

Friends will consider this post odd coming from me, a low-class entrepreneur/cheapskate, who believes in Benjamin Franklin's old adage of "A penny saved is a penny earned." That proverb will probably soon be more accurately quoted as "A Benjamin saved is a Benjamin earned" as the First White Sox Fan brings unprecedented deficit...ur, um "change" to our beloved "free market" economy. However despite my scrapping for every last penny I can, I am still amazed at what some people do for a buck. I am especially amused at what could-be, should-be millionaire athletes will do for extra cash.

PGA Tour superstar John Daly tops the list. Outside of endorsements, JD has made over $9 million simply playing golf since 1989. My projected earnings from teaching in the public school system for next 20 years are well under $1 million. If you throw in all the money from endorsements, overseas appearances, corporate outings, etc., he has at least doubled his golf winnings. According to Golf Digest magazine, Daly made $6 million off the golf course in 2007 alone. However Big John's latest public performance of disgrace scared off many of his sponsors last year, and his golf game has been in decline for some time now. So during his stint on the European Tour in the first half of '09 while waiting for his PGA Tour suspension to expire, Daly demonstrated just how low he would go to support his gambling and Big Mac addictions. He signed a deal with an obscure company called Loud Mouth Golf that makes him wear pants more revolting than Saddam Hussein's spider hole look. Most fans found JD's yard sales of golf memorabilia in the parking lot of pro tournaments to be desperate, but sporting this new wardrobe is not something even I would do for a few more Benjamins.

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