Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rome vs. Everett

Not exactly new news, but I was not familiar with it so I thought that I would post it. Back in 1994, Jime Rome had quarterback Jim Everett on his show, and it resulted in a fight. Rome kept calling Everett, "Chris" in reference to female tennis player Chris Evert. Really clever and mature. I'm guessing Rome takes a different approach when he interviews Ray Lewis. Keep in mind this is the same guy who now has his own show on ESPN.

Watch this clip of Everett in the 1993 playoff game that caused Rome to mock Everett. Maybe he deserved it.


  1. Nice find. I don't remember this incident, but it is a classic. I don't think I have seen an unstaged, live fight in a TV studio before. What was Rome thinking? Everett is clearly bigger and stronger, and he was definitely angry. Plus, Rome would never be able to do what Jim Everett did. Yes, he got sacked a lot in that game, and he fell down without being touched. But I bet if Rome had been QB for the Rams that day, he would have faked unconsciousness just to get out of the game and not be hit again. I have never liked Jim Rome's shows, but his actions here make me want to see the rest of that pummeling.

  2. Yeah, I hadnt heard about this before. And when I learned that Jim Rome had goaded a football player into attacking him on his show, I was like, yeah, that sounds about right. He's an idiot.


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