Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Over the weekend Stephon Marbury opened up to the internet community in a live 24 hour webcam. What an opportunity, one of the world's biggest stars in such an intimate setting. Fans were able to post questions, and watch along respectfully as Starbury thoughtfully answered them, chatted on various topics, and did his best Tracy Jordan impression.
Here are some of the highlights:"Do I believe in aliens? I don't know, because I've never seen one. But I believe in Jesus because I saw him in the shower the other day."
Utterly amazing. there needs to be a song called "I saw Jesus in the shower"
"Holla. I love Canada. 'Ohhh, Canada. We' — I love that song. I love y'all's anthem. That anthem is dope. And I love when I come there and they sing it. I love hearing it. It's fresh."
"I don't own no bling anymore. I got rid of all that. I took my bling and invested it into something, and I'm gonna use that money from the bling, that I got back from me, and put it in something else and let that pay for my bling."
That's just a great lesson in economics.
At one point he broke down crying while listening to music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGtzpVEpV9w
This is why the internet is the greatest invention ever.
I was thinking what other celebrities that would be great to do the 24 hour webcam. Here is my list.
1.Charles Barkley
2.Jack Bauer
3.J Leman
4.Martin Lawrence
5.Ozzie Guillen
Last.Milton Bradley


  1. I dislike Marbury even more after reading this. My list would include Charles Barkley. I loved his show on the Golf Channel with Hank Haney. Others on my list would include:

    -Diamond Dave DeMott (for obvious reasons)
    -Ron Santo (he must mutter to himself constantly)
    -Ex-Gov. Blago (just to see how much time he spends on his hair)
    -Gary Player (most interesting stories)
    Last. Stephon Marbury

  2. haha, yeah, you gotta get the Diamond on the webcam.


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