Saturday, November 21, 2009

Big 12 Update: What a Season!

The Danville Vikings had a memorable season, and no other Big 12 town could use the positive vibe that a strong high school football can bring more than Danville. The citizens of the community rallied around this team to lift many spirits of an economically challenged town. The exciting journey came to an end today in a 30-21 loss to Nex Lenox Providence. Josh will have to fill us in more on the details of how the game played out, but the Vikings should not hang their heads. They have a long list of impressive accomplishments to boast. For the first time in history, they defeated all three McLean County Big 12 schools in the same season. They made it to the semifinals in a very tough Class 6A. No other DHS football team has won more games in a single season. They are the Big 12 Conference champions. And they encouraged a greater sense of unity and pride in their community. Great job, Vikings!

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  1. Today's News:
    Cameron Ford (Defensive End), Justin March (Linebacker) were named to the News Gazette 1st team All-State Team! Edward Clark (Defensive Back) was honorable mention! Great accomplishments! Go Vikings!


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