Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free Keon Presents its First Annual NBA Predictions Competition

In order to add a little spice to the Free Keon world I thought I would try and poor a tall glass of competitive juice and see which sports intellect comes out on top.

With that in mind three FK contributors (Nate K, Brian, and I) have willingly put themselves out in the open, ripe for public scorn, in order to see who can most accurately predict this year’s NBA results.

Each of us has provided our predictions for the final standings in both the Eastern and Western Conferences as well as our picks for MVP, Rookie of the Year, finals teams, and champion. Those picks are summarized below and are followed by a scoring overview for the competition. (NOTE: all of these picks were made more than a week ago before any of us had a chance to watch more than 2 or 3 games)



Rookie of the Year
Brian -- Jonny Flynn (Timberwolves)
Nate – Tyreke Evans (Kings)
Josh -- Brandon Jennings (Bucks)

Brian – LeBron James (Cavaliers)
Nate – Chris Paul (Hornets)
Josh – Dwight Howard (Magic)

Brian – Celtics vs. Lakers
Nate – Magic vs. Lakers
Josh – Magic vs. Trail Blazers

Brian – Lakers
Nate – Magic
Josh – Magic

Correct standing = 5 pts each
Within one of correct standing = 3 pts each
Within two of correct standing = 2 pt each
Correct choice of MVP, Rookie of the Year, Finals Teams, and Champion = 5 pts. each

If any other FK contributors would like to enter the competition send me your picks and I’ll post them (though you will be docked 5 pts since you have had the benefit of viewing a full week of action).

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