Thursday, November 12, 2009

Slammin' Sam on Sports Media Thursday Edition

Hello, hello, and welcome to Slammin’ Sam on Sports Media’s Thursday links edition. Good stories abound today! We’ll start our journey on the West Coast and move toward home base in Illinois.

This story actually hit on Wednesday night, but I’ll include it today for sentimental reasons – The Free Keon staff pretty much grew up with Junior. I for one can barely remember being more excited about an athlete or a team’s bid for glory than I was during the ’95 playoffs – but also because Seattle Times columnist Jerry Brewer’s piece remains No. 1 on the paper’s web site. I am not sure I agree with this particular premise, but he is on the M’s beat, so I’ll let you settle things with him.

Next, even while Scott Boras, (insert whatever descriptor you want from him here) escalates his brand of hard ball with his client Matt Holliday and suitors, Post-Dispatch columnist Jeff Gordon says there is no need to become violently ill over the possible loss. The farm system could go a long way toward making ends meet.

Rounding out the baseball portion, we here at Free Keon try to observe the “equal discussion doctrine.” That means Cubs coverage to supplement the Cards’. Baseball guru and Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rogers explores the possibility of Tigers outfielder Curtis Granderson joining the Cubs.

Because I have an affinity for my former residence, I’ve included a piece from the Detroit Free Press as well.

Let’s not forget the Illini portion of Free Keon, OK? Here, Herb Gould shines the spotlight on hoops newcomer D.J. Richardson.

Finally, a Christmas gift come early, or at least something to give thanks about. LeBron meets DWade tonight! Could this be a showcase of talent that will team up for the ’10-’11 season and beyond? Greg Cote dares to dream.

Sam Miller/Free Keon

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