Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Bulls lack fight, among other things

In their 32-point home loss to the Raptors on Saturday, the Bulls allowed Toronto guard Jarett Jack to tie his shoes near half court during the run of play in the third quarter.  Not one member of the Bulls thought it would be prudent to go up to Jack and steal the ball instead of honoring his playground time-out.

This situation was not an isolated incident for the Bulls this season.  They tend to let teams walk all over them. 
The Bulls allowed LeBron (and Danny Green) to treat Friday's game like a reality dance competition.  The only guy who would stand up to King James was Jo Noah.  And by stand up to - I mean sit on the bench and yell "eff that, that's so effing lame".  If you watch the clip, no other Bull steps up to help Joakim, they just sit next to him and stare at LeBron, until Assistant Bernie Bickerstaff gets between Bron and Jo.
For the record, if Bernie Bickerstaff is your number two tough-guy enforcer behind Ponytail Noah, then your team is in serious trouble.
Tangent - I realize that I just referenced Jo's dancing past in my previous post, but does anyone else think it's kind of ironic that it was JoNo that stood up and took offense to LeBron's dancing.  I mean really, what was he thinking.  "dude, LeBron's not doing the ultra-rapid air sexing move enough.  That's so effing lame."

Anyway, after two consecutive games of opponents showing up the Bulls and openly mocking them during the game, something needs to change.  I suggest signing Charles Oakley.  Would LeBron still have kneecaps if Oak was on the Bulls?  The Bulls need a breath of fresh air, they only have 5 healthy players you would ever want on the court (Rose, Salmons, Deng, Noah, Miller). 
The injuries have hurt (if Kirk was on the floor, there's no way Jack gets away with the shoe-tie), but what has hurt them more is the bad players.  Everyone on the Bulls bench is either a fatass or Pargo.  Miller - fat and slow, the White Panther - fat, and the slower than brokefoot Yao, Lindsay Hunter - fat and 40, Pargo - so bad I wish he was fat, and James Johson, who I didn't get to in my previous post on the Bulls but now have a few thoughts on.
It is a bad sign when your top-first round pick starts looking like Stacy King.  Johnson was a fairly high pick (16th), and reminds me of one of those NBA power forwards that is a "three-point specialist" meaning they're fat and lazy and don't like going inside the three-point line anymore.  Think Donyell Marshall or Tim Thomas.  Except that Johnson is a rookie and can't really shoot.  I'll let you be the judge on Johnson.

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