Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Bounce Back" with John Calipari

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Since we’re talking about basketball and not baseball, I’ll tell you right off the tip I’m not sure if I am convinced by John Calipari’s new book, “Bounce Back.” He’s always struck me as slick. Then again, he has been successful, (Note the two-time college coach of the year distinction among others on his resume) and I don’t know him personally. I just judge the book on its own merits. After all, I was curious to get inside the man’s head a little bit.

“Bounce Back” is based on a pair of premises – The two worst things that have ever happened to Coach Cal – getting fired by the New Jersey Nets and losing in the National Championship game. I for one would say that if those are the two worst happenings in his life, he’s doing pretty well. Need I reference Tiger or Calipari’s Kentucky counterpart, Rick Pitino?

Anyway, from those two experiences, Calipari shares the lessons he’s learned. Like the recruiter that he is, Coach Cal also makes his pitch to each reader to join his team. Again, I’m a little skeptical. The man speaks with conviction about this support group, but what about those who don’t buy the book? Looks like the gutter for them.

Nonetheless, if you manage to pick up the book, you should read “Bounce Back” because:

1. We all go through times, like Coach Cal, where we are shaken to the core and have to rebound. The key in life is the same as it is on the hardwood. “Very likely this pain and turmoil you’re enduring now will wind up making you stronger, better, and more productive in your life and that of the community around you,” he says on pg. 53.

2. Calipari reveals that it was after he chose to take advantage of the forced slowdowns in his life that he developed an action plan for his future. “Think long and hard about what it is you want to do next and then about what you want to do after that,” he points out on pg. 85.

3. The Kentucky head man reminds those in need of a bounce back not to forget about encouraging those around us in the meantime. (111) Always ask yourself how you will impact others. (124)

I myself am going through one of these times Coach Cal is trying to guide readers through in his book. Looking for a full-time job can bring lots of peaks and valleys.

Sometimes a motivational message is the last thing that I or my fellow job hunters want to hear. But then I have to stop and think. Like Coach Calipari says, I have an awful lot to be thankful for. What’s more, to quote a “PractiCal Point,” “Trust that good things will come from where you are now.” (283) Tomorrow just might be our day!

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