Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Golf's Unique Prizes

Many have done stories on the unique trophies and prizes in the game of golf. Recently, both and the Golf Channel highlighted the oddities. However in response to comments on the photo from the latest “This Week in Golf,” I was inspired to produce my own top ten list of favorite golf prizes.

1. Masters – The Masters champion receives many perks, but the most cherished is the infamous green jacket. Only members of the Augusta National Golf Club or winners of their annual invitational are awarded this sought after sport coat. Pride, a trophy, five years of Tour exemption, a media blitz, and over one million dollars also go to the victor, but that green jacket is just so darn sharp.

2. Chevron World Challenge – Tiger’s trophy is the best work of art in golf. The inaugral event was held on his 24th birthday. So the tiger on the trophy is a young one, and his paw on top of the globe signifies Woods’s dominance in the game throughout the world. This creative prize is of appropriate size for a centerpiece on any pro golfer’s dining room table.

3. Del Webb Father-Son Challenge – This silly season event for fathers and sons is an annual favorite for golfers with children who also enjoy the game. The winner of the tag team event takes home a pair of heavyweight title belts. These belt buckles are even too big for Anthony Kim.

4. Bay Hill Invitational – The victor of Arnold Palmer’s invitational pulls the King’s sword from the stone. Unfortunately, this lance has been retired as the grand prize, but I love the symbolism here.

5. Verizon Heritage – The Hilton Head Island event honors the game’s Scotish heritage, and the champion’s fashion reflects it. Using the Masters’s idea, the Heritage winner is donned with a plaid jacket in which to hoist his plaque.

6. Qatar Masters – Most participants in the Middle East golf tournaments hail from Europe, but their hosts want to make sure it was worth the trip. Therefore, they oftentimes send the winner home with a larger than life trophy. The giant clam is no exception.

7. Dubai Desert Classic – Another oversized award handed out in the Middle East is this enormous pitcher. I don’t know what they plan on the victor drinking from that, but he better be near a bathroom.

8. Open Championship – On the opposite side of the size spectrum, the Open Championship allows its champ to use the Claret Jug for a year. This pitcher is much smaller, but more coveted than its Arab counterpart.

9. Tucson Open – This obsolete PGA tour event used to place the gold helmet atop its champion in the desert.

10. John Deere Classic – The Quad Cities classic is competed on the TPC at Deere Run, not far from the corporate headquarters of title sponsor John Deere. The tee markers are mini Deere bulldozers, and the trophy is a running deer.


  1. My favorite is the giant clam. I can't believe that the Qatar Masters is a real thing.

  2. How on earth could a small jug be favored over a big jug.... insane!


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