Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh How the Mighty Has Fallen

Harrison's Ford's upcoming movie Extraordinary Measures is another unfortunate move for the declining legend of the silver screen. It was bad enough that he agreed to do Spielberg's Indiana Jones sequel with George Lucas' hair-brained script. Now he's chosen to co-star alongside Brendan Fraser in a tearjerker about a rare disease. 

I don't consider myself a cynic by any means, but his latest moves seem out of character. This is a man who intentionally botched an entire movie's worth of voice-overs because he thought it was corny. He was the biggest hardass of my generation's childhood, and he owes us more than to go out like this. 

The worst part of it all is that he's not even saving his own family in the movie; he's saving someone else's family. I wonder if the big, dramatic line at the apex of the movie is, [raise right eyebrow and powerfully point index finger] "GET OUT OF MY LAB!" 

Anyway, I forgive Harrison and will never stop quoting his lines form Air Force One. And if he's still hard up for money in the future, I would support his role in a spinoff film of his character in American Graffiti called Bob Falfa: Womanizer. That would definitely get his street cred back up. 

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