Thursday, December 3, 2009

Slammin' Sam on Spors Media Thursday Edition

Happy three weeks before Christmas Eve or one day before Friday, whatever makes you happier.

Before I set out to scour the net for the Slammin’ Sam links, I had to get one thing straight. I would not include anything on the one thing that seems to be consuming the sports world for the last week and will continue to do so for the next while. I would not touch on Tiger … unless I felt the links were going forward rather than proceeding in a back and forth volley. You know, “What’s Tiger’s endorsement situation? What’s Elin going to do? What about these women?” etc. and etc.

Yes, those are all earthshaking questions, given that Tiger is one of the world’s most recognizable figures in sport and beyond. He’s built his brand on his bright smile and in-cheek demeanor (at least when things are going well) to go along with his (insert hyperbole) golf skills. Now that’s all in question and it should be. But no matter how many people ask, the answers are going to come out when they are going to come out. At this point, I’d rather look at the past history of stars in similar unfortunate circumstances and try to draw some parallels. Here are a couple stories on what seem like each end of the spectrum. Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan.

Up next, another double-taking revelation. Then again, if you consider the source, you might not be so surprised. Sun-Times reporter John Jackson brings a Bulls’ perspective to Ron Artest’s latest head gyrator.

Moving along, if you are still reveling in last night’s historic Illini basketball win, here’s a look back from beat writer Paul Klee.

Now, before you go thinking that Bruce Weber’s team is the only team that’s flat out ballin’ right now, allow yourself to be enlightened about another Illini team that’s elevatin’ and hoping for big things starting tonight at Huff Hall.

Sam Miller/Free Keon


  1. Nice work as always Sam! I also appreciate the lack of Tiger talk... thank you for the breath of fresh air

  2. Sammy,

    I want to get my grandpa a Stan Musial biography for Christmas. I've seen two that I think look pretty good. I was hoping you might have heard something about at least one of them. "Stan Musial, The Man's Own Story" Doubleday 1964 is the frontrunner currently, but I also saw "Musial: From Stash to Stan the Man" by James Giglio 2001. If you have heard anything about one of these, please give me your take. Thanks.


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