Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Great Hova

It has been announced that for game one of the World Series Jay-Z and Alicia Keys will be preforming their hit single "Empire State of Mind" at Yankee Stadium.
Is nothing sacred?  What is the point, and why Bud Selig is trying to turn the World Series into the NBA all-star game? I can remember a time when the game itself was enough to entertain people.

Jay claims to be a "die-hard" Yankee fan, but as far as I can tell his fandom only goes as far as buying hats and using their World Series birth to promote his new album. I would put the over/under for consecutive Yankee innings watched by Great Hova at 3.
Not that any of this necessarily takes away from the game, but I just don't get it. If Fox really wants to help baseball reach the hip-hop crowd, they should replace the McCarver-Buck broadcast team and just play Jay's new album "The Blueprint 3" all game long. I can promise the exact same amount of baseball insight, plus a greater amount of rhyming and coherent thoughts.

If the Brewers had made the World Series would Milwaukee's own Oom-pah-sters polka band be preforming their new single "Cheese Curd State of Heart Disease" for game one?
I'm guessing definitely.

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  1. I wish Fox would drop the MLB playoffs all together. I also wish most sports would stop with all of the "extras" during major games. Let the game shine on its own and spare my ears from the usually horrible live performances.... except for the potential Polka performance, that would be GREAT!


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