Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Social Injustice in D-Vegas

I know, it's hard to believe. Could a town so clean and so prosperous on the outside have social and racial injustices that run just below the surface?
I attended the Danville vs. Normal game this past Friday, and it would been easy to sit back and relax and enjoy an excellent football game in the company of good friends, but I could not ignore what I saw in the lack of racial diversity in the Danville cheerleading squad.

I observed that in the entire Viking cheer squad, there was only one African American. Do the math on that, only 10% of the squad is represented by African Americans. I then did a quick eyeball census of the D-Vegas crowd and extrapolated that data to the entire city population, and found that Danville is 95% black.  The numbers display the injustice.

Gone were the hip-hop infused cheers that I had grown accustomed to.  The current squad uses whitened-up cheers that spell Vikings and compel the crowd to mindlessly chant 'Go Vikings'.

The injustice is palpable, Danville needs more representative cheerleaders. This is not the first time that race has been an issue in Viking athletics. Last year, there was a protest against the basketball coach in defense of some black players that were cut from the team (in favor of other black players).
In a time where the football team is making strides, the racial relations are taking a step back.

At first, I thought that my part to right these wrongs would be to blog about it for the wildly popular freekeon site. Then I remembered the words of young Rachel Dawes "What chance does Gotham City have when the good people do nothing". 
It is not enough to stand by like Switzerland when the the Germans are rolling through Poland (metaphorically speaking).

First, I am going to forgo my (very generous) annual donation to the Danville athletic booster club until things are drastically changed on the cheer squad.

My next course of action was to pen a strongly worded e-mail (under the pseudonym Steve Birky) to Mayor Scott Eisenhauer voicing my displeasure with the current state of Danville cheerleading. I also cc'd Al Sharpton, and Milton Bradley's mom on the e-mail to alert them of the situation.
I urge you to e-mail the mayor as well, at scotty4mayor@aol.com, or call his office at 217-431-2400 and get behind the cause.


  1. Wow! I could not agree more with your call to action. I also witnessed the injustice of the Viking cheer squad, and I was concerned. However, your strong conviction has humbled me.

  2. This is the kind of story the Pansygraph would never dare break... nice work Nate.


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