Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Illini Basketball Preview: Alex Legion

In my triumphant return to Free Keon, I plan on previewing Illinois basketball one player at a time. Today's lucky participant: Alex Legion. You ask, why Alex Legion, and my answer is...I don't really have one. Maybe it's because rarely has a transfer student created so much hope and then dashed it upon the rocks as quickly as Alex Legion did last year. He spent much of the year jacking up a ridiculous amount of contested, 20 foot jump shots, then following these shots with a Nick Smith look of disgust and bewilderment on his face. However, there are some in Illini Nation that think this is the year Legion is going to bloom (here).

To me, averaging 15 points playing against 5'5" Asian players is not a sign of things to come. Scoring 30 or so points against Bubba Chisolm in the Orange and Blue scrimmage is not a sign of things to come. When your own coach says that because you failed to make a shot in practice that both he and the rest of the members on your team began to feel sorry for you, this is not a good sign. I hope that I'm wrong. I hope that playing against oriental midgets boosted the confidence that Legion failed to have last season. I hope that Legion will come out raining threes and taking names. He needs to because with the depth and talent of Illinois' backcourt, playing time for Legion if he continues his descent into Nick Smith's faces hall of fame, will be limited.

Next: Lost some weight and still looks like Charles Barkley: Demetri McCamey


  1. Krone!! Triumphant return indeed.
    For the record, Bubba Chisolm is a Great defender.

  2. I think you should make it a goal to reference a former Illini player in every profile you do. The more obscure the better! I could use at least one Cleotis Brown shout out.

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  4. You know that new arena they were talking about getting five years ago? We definitely need a Nick Smith Faces Hall of Fame built in one of the corridors.


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