Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your 2009-10 Free Keon NBA Preview: Part I

Let's start with the Bulls.

Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng and Lindsey Hunter are your 2009-10 Chicago Bulls captains. Only one will be a regular starter, and only two will see the floor. Hunter might as well wear a suit and tie. He's not coming off the bench. (I'm guessing he's more of a player/coach, without the playing aspect of the title.) To the players that voted these three into office, the word “captain” does not mean “leader.” The leader, of course, is Derrick Rose.

A second year guard and quintessential Memphis student/athlete, Rose is the guy who elevates this group from a mediocre group to a playoff lock. He's quick. He's poised. He sees the floor well. He can score. He's got a unassuming sleepy look to him. And with his Rookie of the Year, uh ... year, completed, he should be a more confident leader.

Mid-season addition John Salmons and Luol Deng, assuming both can stay healthy, should fill the offensive void left by Ben Gordon signing with the Pistons. The three guard, two-spot rotation of Rose, Salmons and Hinrich gives Vinny Del Negro a good mix of offense (Salmons), defense (Hinrich) and ball-handling (Rose) that can be arranged given the opponent. Jannero Pargo has been added for depth. Hunter, along with his other captain duties, will serve up towels, Gatorade and encouragement.

The starters in the frontcourt will be odd couple Tyrus Thomas and Joahkim Noah. They're certainly not fun to watch, but have undoubtedly improved under the tutelage of odd single Del Negro. Boilermaker legend Brad Miller and new guy Taj Gibson will provide options off the bench.

Sudanese by-way-of the United Kingdom, and onetime overvalued-asset-in-potential-deal-for-Kobe Bryant, Deng will assume the swing position. Wikipedia says Deng is from the Dinka tribe in Sudan, just like Manute Bol. The former Washington Bullets center known best for his height and tribal heritage taught Deng and his brother the game of basketball. Deng also once played on the same high school team as Charlie Villanueva. Kobe has won four NBA titles.

Del Negro, in the second year of coaching in his life, is looking to build on last year's solid late-season play and near-upset of the Boston Celtics in The Most Entertaining First-Round Series in NBA Eastern Conference Playoff History. The generally held expectation, naturally, is for him and the Bulls to improve and make it to the second round. That is my expectation too, as long as they avoid the Celtics, Cavs and Magic in the first round.


  1. Call me crazy, but I still wouldn't want Kobe. It would just be an emotional tug of war between my love of the Bulls and my hatred of Black Mamba.

  2. But of course, the idea that the Bulls wouldn't trade Loul in a Kobe trade is laughable.

  3. I know what you mean. At the time of trade discussion I didn't want Kobe on the Bulls. But since then I've come to terms with what a steal that deal would have been.

  4. I hope Kobe goes to the Bulls so that I would have more of a reason to dislike them. Seriously how can you like a team with Noah and Hinrich?

  5. My respect and admiration for Kirk Hinrich overshadows any uneasiness I may have rooting for a team with Joakim "Genetic Disaster" Noah.

    Not understanding this makes you less of a basketball fan.


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