Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slammin' Sam on Sports Media Thursday Edition

The Phillies punched their World Series ticket last night. Will the Yankees do so tonight? Below you will find a look at all three remaining teams as well as a couple Illinois sports stories. For those of you who mutter or shout, “Enough baseball, already,” hoops are just around the corner! Three days until the Orange and Blue Illini scrimmage and five more before the NBA tips off. Thank you, Dr. James Naismith.

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If the Yanks do meet the Phils, Jimmy Rollins is ready. The NY Post’s Kevin Kernan says Rollins has been waiting for this duel since March.

But not so fast, Lee Corso, I mean The Los Angeles TimesBill Dwyre cuts in.

Meanwhile, in hindsight New York builder Brian Cashman looks pretty smart passing on Johan Santana a couple years ago, John Harper of the New York Daily News writes.

In a follow-up to Nate’s post last Friday, Cedric Benson and the Bears’ relationship continues, even if it’s at a distance. One has to wonder how long this will go on.

Finally, a brief warning brought to you by Chicago White Sox beat reporter Joe Cowley. The charismatic and carefree (the words care and free can be separated depending on whether you see Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen as someone to be beloved or belittled) Guillen will be seen and most definitely heard on World Series broadcasts.

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