Monday, August 10, 2009

All Bark No Brawl

In these past week of baseball, stars David Wright, Albert Pujols, and Prince Fielder were beaned seemingly on purpose, (in each instance the pitcher was ejected) and none of them had the stones to charge the mound. Only Prince reacted at all, later he searched for the pitcher Mota in the opponents locker room, shown in this clip. What is going on with these guys? I was raised on a game where Nolan Ryan repeatedly mashed Robin Ventura's face and Kyle Farnsworth body-slammed Paul Wilson. Why would Prince wait until after the game to go after Mota instead of just getting after him immediately? Why do these players wait for their pitchers to retaliate for them? I don't remember the last really good mound charge. I would love to see Prince Fielder charge the mound. Thinking about the good ol' days I came up with a list of players that I would love to see charge the mound and have the mound charged against. Feel free to coment and add your own players to the list.

1. Adam Dunn, I feel like he would do some damage.
2. Ichiro, he's quick, and I'm 90 percent sure that he knows karate.
3. Carlos Lee, It would be nice to see the jolly fat man get after it.
4. Juan Uribe, most gangsta player in the bigs, he'd probably just pull a Tony Montana and pull his uzzi.
5. Mike Fontenot, just a hunch, he fights like a wildcat.


1. Fransico Rodriguez, right in the middle of his ridiculous save celebration he gets blindsided, that would be nice.
2. Chris Carpenter, hopefully he would shatter like Sam Jackson in Unbreakable.
3. Carlos Zambrano, just try him, they don't call him El Toro for nothing
4. Pedro Martinez, the only guy he has ever fought was a 70 year old fat man
5. Jaime Moyer, it would be hilarious, it would be like if someone rushed the mound against Jim Abbott, they would be suspended for life.


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  2. Kevin Youkilis: an answer to your prayers.

    By the way, Porcello is a beast.

  3. I want to see somebody challenge Antonio Alfonseca. He is an ogre, and he has twelve fingers.

  4. Yeah, ask and you will receive I guess, the Youkilis brawl was solid.

    Alfonseca is huge, he could take care of himself out there.

  5. Big R baby... Simon would take down anybody on the mound


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