Saturday, August 22, 2009

Best and Worst College Logos

1. Stanford Cardinal, really sets the standard for lameness. A tree, how splendidly inoffensive. And their dancing tree mascot is so queer it makes the Phillie Phanatic look like the guy from Dos Equis commercials.

2. Northwestern Wildcats. First of all, the wildcat looks like it was drawn by a 4 year old. Second of all, the Wildcat is a total cliche, every other sports team has it, and there are definantly no Wildcats native to Evanston. The Northwestern Med Students, or the Northwestern Yuppie Pricks would be more apt. To cap it all off they decided to go with the gross shade of purple. Truly Awful.

3. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. I think it has Downs Syndrome. They call it "Big Red", just complete lack of imagination. How do you get from Hilltoppers to a giant red thing? Its the lovechild of Grimace and Clifford the big red dog.

4. Clemson Tigers. Similar to Northwestern, very unoriginal Tigers nickname. Equally uninspiring pawprint logo. It would work for an elementary school logo.  Or Mahomet.

5. Syracuse Orange. They were known as the Orangemen until they decided that it was too controversial and changed it to the Orange. I'm not sure if it stands for the color or the fruit. I'm pretty sure that I don't care.

1. Fighting Illini Chief. RIP. There is no better jersey than the late 80's early 90's basketball jerseys with Fighting Illini on the chest and the chief logo on the shorts.

2. Texas Longhorns. I don't really like Texas, but the burnt orange and white is so classy. Their white football jerseys are the best in sports right now.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks. Its 2009 and in South Carolina anything goes. A gamecock is a rooster bred for fighting, and apperently that's okay. It's hillarious when cheerleaders hold up signs that say gamecocks. I thought it was funny when I was 12 and I still think it's funny.

4. UNLV Runnin' Rebels. There is a lot to love about UNLV. Keon Clark's Alma Mater, Lon Kruger's current school, really original nickname, great mustache. There is no better nickname for a sweet basketball team that pushes the ball.

5. Texas Christian Horned Frogs. LDT's alma mater does well to go with the horned frog. Pretty scary looking animal. I would like to see it fight the South Carolina Gamecock. Then the Runnin' Rebel could eat the loser.

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