Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiger Wins!

I am not a huge fan of Tiger Woods. However, I do have the utmost respect and admiration for his abilities on the golf course. Today, Woods won his third Buick Open at Warwick Hills. His second Buick Open win in 2006 was his 50th victory on the PGA Tour. In the three years since, Tiger has amassed a Hall of Fame career, even with sitting out more than half of 2008 recovering from knee surgery. Dating from July 2006, Tiger has won 21 of the 36 events he has entered, including four major championships. Even in baseball, a .583 batting average would be unheard of. In golf, though, a 58.3% winning percentage is unfathomable. Byron Nelson won 18 of 31 events in 1945. Woods dubbed that season as "one of the greatest streak in all of sports", but Lord Byron's 1945 winning percentage is even smaller than Woods's in the last 36 tournaments. To put Woods's successes into more perspective, World Golf Hall of Fame member, Ben Crenshaw, won 19 Tour events, including two major championships, in his nearly 30 year career. Woods has done more than Crenshaw just since win number 50. Only two men won more on the PGA Tour than Tiger. They are Jack Nicklaus and Sam Snead. Woods is only four wins away from the Golden Bear, and he is 14 victories away from becoming the winningest player ever on Tour. Many PGA Tour members play dozens of tournaments over the course of many years and never win once. Expectations are high for Woods, especially for fans unfamiliar with the difficulty of winning a PGA Tour event, but Tiger continues to exceed expectations.

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