Monday, August 24, 2009

Let the Diabetic Jew play

Slammin' Sammy Fuld has been racing around the outfield this past weekend for the Cubs, turning in a sensational defensive series with several amazing catches, running into a fence, and robbing Manny of a homer. However, the Cubbies are now 8 games out of first place with 5 1/2 weeks to go and they need to do something in the hopes of making a playoff push. Soriano is 5 for his last 43 and has not homered since July 29th and Milton Bradley has continued to be Milton Bradley, it's clearly time to make some changes.
Fuld, who is a Jew with diabetes (much to the delight of Ron Santo), has gotten it done at the plate as well, batting .283 with a .397 on base %. Jake Fox, another Iowa call-up is hitting .305 with 9 HR and 34 RBI in only 151 at-bats. That's the same number of HR, with 3 more RBI than Bradley in less than half as many at-bats. The Cubs are paying their outfield (Fukudome, Bradley, Soriano) $36.5 million this year, but the bottom line is they are not getting the job done. Lou needs to play Fuld and Fox because it gives them the best chance to win, regardless of how much you are paying players to sit on the bench. In summary, here is a list of players who I would prefer to never see again in a Cubs uniform.
1. Aaron Freaking Miles
2. Soriano
3. Milton Bradley
4. Kevin Gregg
5. Bob Howry, I know he's not on the team anymore but I just wanted say it, although I believe he might still be on the team wearing goggles and claiming to be Kevin Gregg.

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