Monday, August 17, 2009

Brief Encounters with Bob Brenly

I was at Wrigley for Friday's 17-2 thrashing of the Pirates. The most thrilling moment for me was not the Cubs 10-run second inning, or the Blue Angels flyovers, but the personal interaction I had with Cubs announcer Bob Brenly. After the game at the team parking lot, waiting for the players to get into their cars, I spotted Bob on the opposite end of the lot. I sprinted over and yelled out "Bob!" He spotted me and gave me a half wave. It was a great moment for me. I wanted to tell him that we hate a lot of the same things, like Milton Bradley, and players not hustling ever, and that I think his son Michael shows a lot of promise. But, all I have for now is the brief wave and some eye-contact. I can't wait until Bob takes over as Cubs manger and Len becomes his bench coach.

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