Monday, August 10, 2009

Lou takes a nap, and other short stories

I thought I would follow up Josh's blog about Riggleman for manager of the year with a blog about a manager that will not be winning that award. Sweet Lou, in a 11-5 loss to the Rockies, argued a call at second base and got tossed from the game in the second inning. Pinella after the game told reporters that he "took a nap and didn't watch the whole game". That's great, Grandpa Simpson is managing the Cubs. Even if Lou was joking (and I'm pretty sure he's not) it's a terrible example to set for the team. The very idea that Lou just took a nap instead of watching the is offensive to the Cubs fans who expect their manager to be aware of whats happening to his team. Earlier this year, in a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, the players voted Lou the manager they'd "least like to play for", I'm beginning to understand why.

The media and fans have made light of Lou's "senior moments" to this point, but the way the team is booting the ball around the infield lately it seems like he doesn't have the answers, or the ability to light a fire under his team. It took him until August to realize that it might not be a great idea to bat Milton Bradley, with his 28 RBI, in the 5 spot. The Cubs need a different manager, someone who remembers his players names. If I hear one more post game interview with Lou referring to Kosuke as "the Japanese kid, uhh, Fuku, ummm, Fukudomee" I'm gonna go nuts. These players are on your team Lou, remember their damn names, and don't take naps during the game. Jim Riggleman would never forget his players names.


  1. I always wanted Joe G. and I still do!

  2. Maybe that makes me a first class idiot though :)

  3. Yeah, I know, so did I, hes doing pretty well with the yankees this year, but you never know.


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