Monday, August 3, 2009

There should be a Gordon Beckham Day

I've officially decided that Gordon Beckham can do anything. After being called up midway through his first season in the minors, he looks as good a hitter as anyone else on the South side (.311 BA, 17 doubles, 5 HR, and 36 RBI in 52 games). That's not to mention that he already has a game-winning RBI--once an official MLB statistic--against the cross-town rival Cubs. Beckham has also been playing out of position since he arrived in Chicago and has made a job that spun Josh Fields in circles look relatively easy. On top of all that, the man can act. Check out Beckham when he starred in the hit '90s TV show Saved by the Bell.


Beckham circa 2009                       Beckham as teen prankster Zack Morris   

For real, though. Can we just take a second to appreciate Beckham's hairdo? I'm baffled that this hasn't gotten more attention.

What's that you ask? Is this fine specimen single? Eligible bachelorettes in Chicago can only hope. However, I'll let you be the judge. Click Here.

(Don't worry, Gordon. I would never call you "The Slayer")


  1. how would i have guessed that your first blog post would be about the white sox. way to think out of the box you lazy journalism bastard. this blog is too good for you.

  2. FYI shorty, this ain't my first blog post. Do your research. I have two other ones in the older posts.

  3. Krone, you gotta scroll down and view the older posts. Peterson wrote two whole posts before he started drooling in Gordon Beckham's amazing hair.

  4. You do have to check out all the great golf and traffic violation posts from July.


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