Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodbye, Sweet Friend

"But now that you're gone I'm in the zone, thinking I don't wanna die all alone. But now ya gone. And all I got left are stinkin' memories..." 
-Tupac Shakur 

It's hard to lose somebody. It's especially hard to lose that all-purpose restaurant that was there for you no matter the situation. You could be in the mood for something with substance. Bam! Enjoy your gyro burger. You could be in the mood for something with a little flair. Bam! Enjoy your chicken fingers, which are off the chains by the way. You could be in the mood for something exotic. Bam! Enjoy your Italian Beef. 

There wasn't much Windy City Express II couldn't give you. Now, it's more limited than ever. The only thing it can give you is pain. For those of you who enjoyed this great Chicago-style restaurant, I urge not to go by it for one last goodbye. It's too painful. 

Why is it always the best ones that are the first to go? First it was Wienerschnitzel, then it was Chicken Shack, and now Windy City. It's hard to look around and see the Subways and Za's Cafes, knowing what could be there instead. What should be there instead. 

We'll miss you Windy City, like we've missed all those who have gone before you. We'll pour out some liquor for you. Life goes on. 

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  1. This is honestly the most upsetting thing that I have heard in a while. I'n not okay with this. I guess we'll always have the memories.


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