Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unchecked Aggression in Logos

Nicholls State has unveiled its new logo.
I think they modeled it after one of the Nazis from The Sound of Music.
Sieg Hail!!! and Where are you hiding the Jews?! have replaced Lets Go Colonels! as their chant.
The really funny part is that they paid some company $30,000 to design it. They had to get rid of their old logo in 2004 because it was a old gray-bearded Confederate General, and we now think that slavery was wrong and whatnot. At least they didn't wuss out and make their new mascot an amorphous blob or a tree or something.

The symbolism is pretty obvious. The sickle. The threatening pose.

The Communist propaganda in place of text books.
You're not fooling anyone University of Charlotte.
Just because you're in Conference USA you think no one will notice.

Cincinnati Baseball Lenin

Same bald head. Same odd mustache.

Same cheery disposition.
Same unflinching belief in Communist ideals.

It makes sense. The Reds. You know, like Communist Red. It can't be a coincidence. Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him.

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