Saturday, September 12, 2009

BHS to Tackle Another Big 12 Championship

Traditional Big 12 powerhouse, Bloomington High School, started off the year with a bust, a two point loss to D-Vegas. The Vikings made a field goal on their second attempt with no time remaining after BHS got called on roughing the kicker as Danville missed the first 30-yard try. Who would have thought that the Vikings could win at Fred Carlton Field? The Raiders stormed back last week, though, with a huge win over Intercity rival, Normal Community at Hancock Stadium. As usual, it was a close and well-played football game. Last night, Bloomington manhandled the Urbana Tigers. The Raiders allowed only 13 yards in the first half. The schedule looks pretty cupcake for BHS. They host Centennial, Central, and MacArthur while traveling to Mattoon, West, and Eisenhower. The final game of the year against Decatur MacArthur should be a great one. I predict Bloomington will be making their 23rd straight appearance in the playoffs and win their 25th Big 12 Championship. As long as the Raiders do not allow West to surprise them again or lose to Champaign Central, they will take that final game to finish up the season 8-1.

Danville, Central, and MacArthur all have chances to prove my prediction incorrect. Danville's decisive win over Centennial last night was very impressive. And MacArthur has easily defeated all their opponents thus far. However, the Royal Donut victory parties will weigh the Vikings down, and the speed that creates all those rushing touchdowns will cease. By season's end the #5 state ranking for Danville will flip-flop with the #10 state ranking for Bloomington.


  1. Maybe D-Vegas and Bloomington will have a rematch in the playoffs. That would be magical.

  2. Also, now that there have been several Royal Donut mentions in the posts, and the fact that it features prominantly in our new banner ad, I think we can consider The Royal to be our new sponsors.


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