Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NFL Week 1 Thoughts

Kyle Orton is Beardless and Lucky

Orton, sans beard, managed to pick up a win on Sunday using the same guile, grit, and dumb luck that allowed him to post a 10-5 record as a rookie for the Bears despite never throwing an accurate pass for over 10 yards. Kyle got the game winning touchdown pass throwing into triple coverage, having the ball tipped up, and falling into the hands of Brandon Stokley for a 87 yard touchdown. After the game Kyle said that he would rather be drunk than good - I mean rather be lucky than good, my mistake. The win improves Orton's career record as a starter to 22-12. I am not going to post the career record of a certain Jay C. Not gonna do it. It wouldn't be fair. 17-21.

Frequent Mistake Jake

Jake Delhomme is, well, exactly who we thought he was. Against the Eagles on Sunday, Jake completed 7 passes to his teammates, and 4 to the Eagles secondary. He also fumbled once. In Delhomo's last start in the playoffs against Arizona he threw 5 picks and fumbled once. So in his last two starts he has 11 turnovers. It makes me feel better to see him fail, I never really got over the 2005 playoff game against the Bears where he ran around yelling like an idiot.

Farve can successfully hand the ball off

Farvellous managed to get his first win despite only throwing for 110 yards. Are you telling me Tavaris Jackson couldn't stand back there and hand the ball of to A-Pete all game and throw for 110 yards? It makes me sick watching Farve celebrate with his teammates pretending like he's a great teammate. He even came out with a Sears commercial kind of poking fun at himself. You may have everyone else fooled Brett, but I'm on to you.

Brian Urlacher now has more free time to make poor personal decisions.

I wonder if Paris Hilton is free these days. The Bears just need to get Hunter Hillenmeyer a #54 jersey, a haircut, and a barbwire tattoo. That and a lot of skill and athleticism and no one would notice the difference.

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  1. I also am relishing Jake Delhomme's bad start on top of last season's playoff meltdown. Never liked that dude. Or Steve Smith.

    Maybe we can deal Caleb Hanie and get Chris Harris back.


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