Sunday, September 20, 2009

Psycho T will help you find your dog

Or so the AT&T corporation would have you believe. The commercial shows Tyler Hansbrough helping some girl find her lost dog through the magic of the AT&T network. The highlight is the end when the girl gets her dog back and Tyler sits there with a sheepish "what do I do now" look. Then the camera cuts away right before Hansbrough pounds his chest and screams.
What is AT&T thinking? Don't they know that basketball fans don't like Tyler Hansbourgh. No one watches Hansbourgh travel three times, throw his body into someone and then get a bailout foul call, and is like "I like that, that's good basketball". Has AT&T not heard of Chester Frazier? Plus it would be accurate. Chester would love to help someone find their dog.


  1. Or you could have one where Jamar tries to help find the dog but he's just finished a fifth of vodka and accidentally runs over the dog while looking for it then flees the scene... (thats not too soon right?)

  2. Where does "Tyler Hansbrough's acting coach" rank on the list of the world's worst jobs? You just know that they had to constantly remind him not to look directly at the camera. To his credit, I heard he was really good at acting "surprised."


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