Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What really happened on Feb 12 2007

Illini HQ recently came out with a story on Jamar Smith and how he has been doing since he left the U of I. Included in the article is the the police report with the details of what happened that night. It's pretty crazy. The night begins with a game called power hour where Jamar and Brian Carwell take shots of tequila every minute and it ends with Jamar kicking out a window in the apartment and holding a piece of glass to CJ Jackson's neck.

What is the best case scenario when you start an evening playing a drinking game where you take shots of tequila every minute? I think it's passing out and having your stomach pumped at the hospital.
Of course, if you had Bruce yelling "JAMAR!!! MOTION!!" at you all day, the power hour tequila game might not sound like such a bad idea. At least basketball players at Illinois don't cheat on the ACT (in theory).


  1. Hmm, I think I remember reading something about Rich McBride and a slew of ACT attempts that finally culminated in a victorious number in the teens that was apparently good enough for admissions. Who knows though, maybe Chancellor Herman or President White wrote a letter of recommendation for him. In that case it would be excusable.

  2. Wow, nate! Like I really wanted to revisit this gem of a story AGAIN! You just got one step closer to being the Lauren Tate of this blog. When should I expect your "Nate Lines" edition? :)

  3. How dare you. Just so you know, I am already the Loren Tate of this blog, I write way more negative old man posts than anybody else, and I haven't even gotten to my Dee Brown sucks posts yet. I do like the "Nate Lines" idea.
    Also Josh, I thought the story was interesting, so there.

  4. Interesting story. But there are there no quotes from Jamar (except for what was in police reports). Could Tom Kacich really not get Jamar to talk to him?

    Also, it doesn't sound like Wayne was talking either. He must have had an interesting perspective. Can you imagine Jay Price in that role?

  5. Why didn't you find a picture of their car with my truck in it? Jamar miraculously was able to park right behind my truck without hitting it on a snow covered lot while drunk. I saw his screwed up car before I even read about what had happened.


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