Thursday, September 17, 2009

So What?

In case haven't been watching the Cubs recently (really why would you? Lou just watches Matlock in the clubhouse and waits for the Cubs to buy out the rest of his contract), there has been a tragic development. Sam "who needs 'roids when you're pumpin' insulin" Fuld went down for the rest of the season with an strained thumb that he hurt making yet another amazing catch.
This prompted the Cubs to call up 40-year old veteran outfielder So Taguchi. No one was more surprised than So. According a Chicago Tribune article, So disregarded the calls at first because he didn't know who would be calling him from Chicago.
"I don't have any friends in Chicago, so I thought it was a wrong number," he said. "So I just ignored it for maybe two hours."
His agent was able to track him down and announce the happy news to him.
"Cubs? Why now?" was his elated response.
Really though, he's over the moon to have the privilege to play next to THE Milton Bradley.
The Cubs were able to convince So to stop playing DDR and watching anime cartoons and come to Chicago to help the Cubs play out the string.
In other meaningless late season signing news, the Brewers picked up former Cub Corey Patterson. Good for him. This year Corey is 2-23 in the majors, good for a .087 batting average.


  1. God forbid they let some AAA kids get a few chances to play!

  2. By the way, why do we keep picking up crappy x-Cards... Marquis, Miles, and now So.... bah!

  3. I find it unfair that you lump Marquis in with this group, Joshua. Sure he used to fade late in the season, but he was a good 5th starter, especially last year. Think before you write, please.

  4. I think Marquis sucks. Yeah he is doing good this year, but with the Cubs we paid him 10 mil a year be a 5th starter. And every year he would fade so bad we couldn't even pitch him towards the end of the year. I don't think he was even on last years playoff roster

  5. But boy oh boy can he pinch run with the best of em!


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