Monday, September 21, 2009

Pucker, Pucker, Pucker!!!

Michigan State’s stunning fourth quarter choooookkkkkkkkkke against Notre Dame on Saturday is yet another episode in what seems to be a nauseating reoccurring dream for Sparty and the East Lansing faithful.

The one positive that does come from this debacle is it gives me a reason to present one of the greatest 15 minutes in radio history. The year was 2006, and in that fateful installment MSU blew a large first half lead to ND during a torrential downpour in East Lansing. The result was a complete meltdown by a local MSU radio broadcaster the following Monday.

So please, click and enjoy (it starts getting really good about 3 minutes in)


  1. They mismanaged the clock. AGAIN!
    They didn't use their timeouts right. AGAIN!
    They allowed their opponant to get into halftime and make adjustments. AGAIN!

    Really really awesome.

  2. "they choked on applesauce!!!!"...

    ..."sounds like you choked"...

    ..."shut up I'm not finished!!!!"..

    ..."you're not going to able to finish Mike, listen to your voice"...

    ..."It doesn't matter!!!!"...

    ..."How about the good time you had with your dad this weekend?"...

    ..."Tom I'm not screwing around, this is what I discussed with you, shut up!...[the coach needs to] learn the f-in rules and understand that your timeouts are not like cell phone minutes!! they don't carry over!!!...they had 'em by the throat, and instead of cutting it real deep and watching the blood squirt all over, you let 'em get into half time so fat boy could feed 'em pudding"


  3. I really belive that Comedy Central should play this recording as a half-hour special during their prime time line-up. I mean there are soooo many good one liners. Trying the run the option in Hurricane KATRINA!!!!!!!!


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