Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Game is 50% Mental

Or at least a higher percentage than zero. Because that is how much intelligence the Illini displayed on Saturday against THE Ohio State University in a 30-0 blowout loss. It is amazing how many dumb mistakes a team can make in a game. There were stupid penalties galore.

The Illini had players lining up in the wrong place, earning an illegal formation penalty, facemask penalties, inexplicably tackling people out of bounds, not being able to decide whether or not to return a kickoff, and just generally being dumb. The offensive line should watch the game tape with zany calliope music. All they did was run into each other, not pick up blitzers, and receive holding penalties.

It really makes you question how good our coaching is. Why did we not throw the ball down the field more? The one time we tried it Rejus was wide open and drew a pass interference penalty, our best play all day. Also the coaches failed to make defensive adjustments when Ohio State only ran two plays all day and NEVER threw the ball. OSU had zero passing yards in the first half, and the Illini had no answer for the running game. So far the Illini have embarrassed themselves twice in two big games. The only good news is that it is still early in the season. Or is that bad news? I'm not sure.

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