Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Loren Tate, Cheer Up!!!!!

Leave it to Illini Nation’s dastardly duke of depression to write one of the gloomiest sport’s articles I’ve read, literally hours before the Illinois football opener.

While most journalists across the country are penning articles dealing with the excitement, pageantry and anticipation concerning the start of the college football season, Loren Tate decides to crush everyone spirits by striking a pessimistic tone that only he could manufacture.

Perhaps I’m going a bit overboard, but, seriously, who waits for the eve of their school’s season kickoff to publish an article whose sole purpose is to point out something wrong with every Big Ten program?! Maybe you put out something of this tone in mid-summer, but certainly not during the climactic preseason period -- which is the week before the season opener.

Sorry Loren, but I’d rather not be reminded that Indiana and Northwestern can’t sell tickets, more than half the conference has some sort of losing streak, cheating is everywhere, the economy is collapsing, Dick Rod is still a head coach, and East Lansing no longer has any residents.

So please, next time you get one of these ideas just say no, take a few meds, and stay away from tall buildings; everyone will be happier.

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